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How often do you find yourself looking around your office wondering how you can make it a bit better? My creative mind started thinking of ways to decorate. Many offices these days are cubicles and there’s not much you can do with them…so I thought. My google intrigue caught me by surprise with some of the things that people have come up with to better their work space.

All of this surrounds office culture and what you are trying to cultivate. Here at DesignTM Health we protect our culture at all costs, and it makes for good laughs and a cheerful environment to work in. Although, I am personally a bit of a goof and believe there is never too much fun and excitement. If employees truly make their work space their own it becomes a personal environment. Yes they are doing work from that space, but it becomes their own, a home away from home if you will.

I can’t tell you how often I’ve wanted to go home and do my work from the comfort of my couch. Encourage employees to bring in their own office chairs if they desire, and decorate their cube as their home away from home. When an employee is comfortable in their environment the work they produce is not only more efficient but accurate. Consider starting with your own lamp to detract from that lovely overhead light, or bring in a rug to create some atmosphere and feel like you’re more at home.

Remember everyone’s tastes are different so let employees have a little fun with their space and watch the productivity rise. What are your ideas to make the workplace more personal? HERE are some ideas for making your space a home away from home.

In Conclusion:

Let’s not end up like Milton from Office Space, and make our environment a bit more appealing, but really have you seen my stapler?

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