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Small Business Health Insurance
(2-50 employees)

Protect your employees’ finances and your bottom line

Protect your people and your business with small business health insurance plans

Gone are the days when small business owners like you are confused and overwhelmed by healthcare complexity and runaway costs. Or worse, abandoned by the big-box or “overly seasoned” brokers who no longer give you the service and creativity you deserve. Our small business benefits brokers are committed to helping you find the right small business health insurance plan in Colorado.

You deserve better small business health insurance in Colorado…

• Make confident, informed decisions
• Protect your people
• Win the competition for top talent
• Regain control of your expenses
• Design a plan you’ll be proud of

And by the way, we explain it all to your people!

Have us design a health benefit strategy you’ll be proud of

We’re Your Small Business Benefits Brokers for All of Your Small Business Health Insurance Needs in Colorado.

Get started in three simple steps:

Step 1: Discovery Call

Step 1

Get to know your small business benefit broker, establish trust, share your goals, review your current plan to see what’s working and what’s not, then look for ways to add value.

Step 2: Engage & Choose

Step 2

Hire DesignTM Health as your trusted broker to represent your team and design a new health benefits plan for your small business that delivers high impact & great value.

Step 3: Design

Step 3

Imagine, design, and implement a stable new plan that your whole team will understand, value, and be excited about!


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