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Group Health Insurance Plans Colorado

Employee benefits designed for midsize groups (51-100 employees). The entire employee benefit landscape is transforming. We help you understand it and stay two steps ahead.

There’s a new path forward for Mid-Sized Business Health Insurance.
We’ll help you create it.

Health insurance plans for mid-sized businesses can be convoluted, but they don’t need to be. We’ll help you navigate through the complexity, rising healthcare costs, and compliance issues, to give you the guidance you need to succeed.

From discovery and prioritization of goals to funding methods; from compliance and employee communication to engagement, our experienced health benefits brokers cover your needs from end to end.

Don’t accept status quo solutions

• Protect your people
• Win the competition for top talent
• Identify new & emerging solutions
• Understand and manage compliance
• Transform how your people access healthcare

Have us design a health benefits strategy you’ll be proud of


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Health Plans for Midsize Businesses

Get started in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Discovery Call

Step 1

Get to know us, establish dependability, share your business goals with us, and review your current plan to see what’s working, what’s not, and ways to add new value.

Step 2: Engage & Choose

Step 2

Hire DesignTM Health as the benefits broker to represent your team and design a new group insurance plan for your employees that delivers a high impact with exceptional value.

Step 3: Design

Step 3

Imagine, design, and implement the future-proof new health plan your business employees comprehend, value, and are proud of!

DesignHealth | Benefits brokers providing group insurance for thousands of employees across the country

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