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Business Owners: Imagine offering a Colorado health insurance plan your whole team can be proud of

Win the competition for top talent
Design a plan your employees understand & value
Reduce cost and complexity

Simplify your Colorado employee benefits plan

We understand the challenges you face to design a Colorado employee benefits package, whether you have just a few employees or a few thousand.

Our team of health benefits brokers has been designing Colorado employee benefits strategies for over a decade, which means we’ve got the experience to solve the problems you’re facing.

• Protect your employees
• Improve health & productivity
• Untangle the complexity

Colorado business health plans & beyond!

Offer benefits your employees will understand & appreciate

• Make it easy to use and affordable
• Boost morale & reduce stress on your team
• Be proactive on emerging trends

• Reward the employees you already have
• Protect your employees’ finances and your bottom line


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Get started in 3 easy steps:

Discovery Call

Step 1:

Get connected, establish confidence, share business goals, review the current plan to see what’s working, what isn’t, and ways to add value.

Step 2:

Hire DesignTM Health as your health benefits broker to represent your team and to design a new plan that delivers high impact & great value.

Step 3:

Conceptualize, design, and actualize a new business health insurance plan your whole team can understand, appreciate, and be proud of!

We are based in Colorado, but we provide business health insurance for all residents in the USA.

Go from this…

  • Unable to explain your plan
  • Frustrated by your plan’s complexity
  • Uninformed on trends & innovations
  • Stuck with an inattentive broker

…to this!

  • Proud of your plan
  • Pleased with your plan’s simplicity
  • Informed & confident in your decisions
  • Partnered with the right benefits team
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