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Large Business Health Insurance

We provide Fortune 500 benefit solutions for large group employers
(101-1000 employees)

You no longer have to choose between containing costs vs caring for your people. You can do both. We’ll show you how.

When seeking out large business health insurance, you may have heard this before: “The biggest companies get all the advantages in healthcare.” With DesignTM Health as your enterprise benefits brokers, this is not the case.

Through the collective buying power of our clients, we create unprecedented access to Fortune 500 solutions that were previously out of reach for businesses like yours.

We call it “Win-Win Benefits.”

Is Healthcare really broken?

Some people say “healthcare is broken.” But it’s not broken. It’s doing precisely what it was designed to do: Serve the stakeholders who designed it, not you nor your employees.

It’s time to re-design your large business health insurance plan

In order for you to win, you need a sophisticated team who knows the system, how to put it to work for you, and when to go around the current structure to design a solution that puts you in control.

C-suite health benefit checklist

Invite us to re-design healthcare for your business

Are you done working with status quo brokers who keep giving you the same old solutions, yet telling you to expect different results?

If it’s time for something new, and you’re ready to seek a different path, we’ll show you how.

Work with us to redesign how healthcare works for your business and teach your employees how to use healthcare differently.

Employee Favorites:

• Virtual Care
• Direct Primary Care
• 1:1 Enrollment Support

Employer Favorites:

• Data Analytics
• Specialty Pharma Solutions
• Compliance Management
• Consolidated Billing
• Custom Online Ben-Admin
• Transparent & Objective TPAs
• Captive Stop Loss Solutions

DesignTM Health | Enterprise benefits brokers serving thousands of employees across the country


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Large Group Health Insurance

Get started in 3 straightforward steps:

Step 1: Discovery Call

Step 1

Get acquainted, establish trust, share current & future business goals, review your existing plan to determine what works, what doesn’t, and opportunities to add value.

Step 2: Engage & Choose

Step 2

Hire DesignTM Health as the enterprise benefits broker to represent your team and design your new large group health insurance plan which will deliver high on impact and provide tremendous value.

Step 3: Design

Step 3

Imagine, design, & implement a future-proof new health insurance plan your entire team can grasp, value, and brag about!

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