Workplace Healthy Snacking

Whether you are a morning person or not I don’t know, but either way the morning tends to get away from those of us that head off to your typical 9-5 job. I am not a morning person and am lucky to get in a cup of coffee before running out the door. Starbucks knows me by name and my choices for breakfast are often a jar of caffeine rather than something of sustenance. Without a full meal I need to turn to healthy snacking instead.

A few keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle are eating throughout the day with your first meal being right when you wake up or close to it and remaining hydrated. The thought of eating in the morning repulses me and I often don’t find myself hungry until lunch, but then I’m too busy and I look up and it’s already 5 o’clock with nothing having been consumed. Coffee is basically brown colored caffeine infused water though, so I’m good on at least half of this equation.

Bad habits all around, and I know that, so where do my habits need to change and what can be implemented to make changes? Preparing meals ahead of time is one way to remain on track, keeping a food journal is also beneficial, and accountability. Small frequent meals throughout the day help to curb hunger and give you the boost of energy you need to continue on with your tasks. Even a handful of almonds suffices as a “snack” to keep your metabolism on the up and up instead of the sedentary state mine is currently in for only eating a few peppermints nabbed from the bowl at our reception desk.

Habits start in the initial decision to make a change then develop from there. Do you consciously eat healthy throughout your workday or do you struggle with this like I do? Would you try meal prepping to stay on track? Read some tips on the Cooking Light website for healthy workplace snacks.

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