Which Group Fitness Is For You?

I’ve often wondered which group fitness is better for each person as I see different styles and types pop up constantly. You can take your pick these days whether it’s Orange Theory, Curves, Crossfit, Yoga (Allllll the styles of yoga), Zumba, or Spinning. The list goes on and on so which one is better for each body type and moreover which body type I’m trying to achieve. A great article on SELF.com digs deeper into many styles of working out and the benefits of each. Here are the “Goal” and “Try” snippets from the article:

Goal: “I want something to balance out my cardio”

Try: Yoga or barre classes

I’ve done Barre class and I have no idea how that balances your cardio other than kicking your derriere so much that you just lay on the floor. Taaa daaa balance achieved. These are not my snippets though so I will continue with what SELF recommends.

Goal: “I want a one-stop-shop so I don’t have to run.”

Try: Zumba, kickboxing, Spinning, boot camp or step aerobics

Don’t worry there won’t be any need for running after these and lets face it walking could be a challenge the next day as well.

Goal: “I want to firm up my trouble spots, fast.”

Try: Classes targeted at those specific body parts

I believe I just signed up for every class on the schedule with this recommendation.

Goal: “I need something to help me relax.”

Try: Restorative yoga or kickboxing

I’m a big fan of sleep for this one, but restorative yoga is amazing as well. Kickboxing, well maybe that’s how Rhonda Rousey relaxes, but I don’t see it being my cup of tea.

Goal: “I want to look longer and leaner.”

Try: Barre workouts or Pilates

Or you can just grab a different set of parents because I don’t believe at my age I will be looking any “longer”.

In all seriousness there is a world of group exercises and each has their benefit for what you are looking to achieve. Don’t just jump into any class, rather look at your goals and research which type of class would help you meet your target most efficiently. Are you already going to group exercise classes? If you are which ones do you enjoy and if not which goals are you looking to reach?

Read the full article on Self.com HERE

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