Teeth Chattering Cold at Work

There are five women in our office and there are days where you can hear our teeth chattering from the cold and not just in the winter. I have my space heater on more in the summer months than I do in the winter. Well, apparently it’s scientific ladies! My office isn’t the only office where the women’s teeth chatter, it’s an epidemic. The majority of office work spaces are kept at a global standard temperature. The temperature standard is based on a metabolic rate for a man in his 40’s who weighs around 155lbs and was adopted in the 1960’s

My take on it is different than the scientific reasoning and based on simple observation and common sense logic. Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall a man walks into a corporate office wearing suit pants, a dress shirt, undershirt, tie, and a jacket. On occasion the man will take his jacket off for comfort and to “breathe”. Now lets look at a woman, I could start to list our many options for workplace attire, but there is not enough blog space in all of the world to allow for that so I’ll save you the trouble and just say our options are limitless. Easily said we can dress for the occasion where as men in the workplace cannot.

My personal comfortable temperature is around 85 degrees with some humidity to feel like a warm hug. Yes, I do realize I’m a rarity, so call me considerate or just having common sense, but I would rather keep my heater on in the summer or bring a jacket for when I’m inside than adjust the temperature controls just so I’m a little less cold at work. There will never be a balance in temperature with multiple people in the work place, so scientific or not I simply say come prepared. In the winter I look like nothing short of an Eskimo and in the Summer while at work I snap on my personal space heater or make sure to grab my sweater before heading out the door for the day.

What do you think of your workplace temperature, too hot, too cold, or just right?

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