Stock Market Crash

Completely unrelated to healthcare I wanted to post on something that I follow very closely. Yesterday the U.S. stock market crashed and when we see significant declines we often see panic selling out of fear immediately following. Does everybody remember the crash back in the 80’s? I sure do and I’m not looking forward to seeing a repeat to what it did to our economy.

I’ve been consistently surrounded with financial news from the time I was a little girl as I watched my Dad trade. I used to sit behind his computer and watch the green tick marks on the black screen and I would always ask him about the pork bellies. Little did I know how much it would intrigue me to this day. I no longer ask him about the little piggies, but I ask him how, when, and where I should invest.

I see how closely related world news is to our markets here and how news can instantaneously change the way the market swings. As China continues to have issues our market continues to fall, but will it recover? I heard on the radio this morning as the speakers quoted brokers saying to keep money in the market and that investments are meant to be long term, so just ride the wave. Although, is this just a wave?

Yesterday the Dow Jones Industrial Average crashed 588.40 points to 15871.35. This is not small! I am not an expert by any means and will not offer any financial advice, but awareness and preparedness go a long way. Can you prepare for something like this though? As I said the market can swing towards the up or down instantaneously. According to an article on Mother Jones, “Trades happen today at less than half a millionth of a second, more than a million times faster than the human mind can make a decision.”

When the market crashes there is nothing anybody can do but stand by in disbelief. Even government officials were stunned yesterday! What are your thoughts on the stock market crash? Do you have fear or are you hopeful for a quick comeback? For most of us it was business as usual, but if you are in the financial world yesterday you got turned upside down.

Read the full article from the Wall Street Journal HERE

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