Find the Time for Exercise in the Fall

With the fall season fast approaching, and I’m talking less than a month away, most of us have seen our lives kick up a notch. The summer is a free for all fun in the sun, but come fall it seems like I don’t even have a minute to breathe. It’s when kids go back to school, work ramps up, and the sun stays away for longer. What we often times don’t realize is that we don’t need to spend grueling hours in the gym to have a successful workout routine. Most of us are able to find 30 minutes in a day to devote to making ourselves feel better.

Now let me talk about this feeling better aspect to exercise for a moment. As the days grow shorter the dark hours remain longer and with that can come somewhat of a depressive state of mind. Exercise heightens our serotonin levels that attribute to overall happiness and wellness. So with the days shorter a quick thirty minute stroll around the neighborhood will help that doom and gloom. Plus who doesn’t love getting outside and viewing the breathtaking autumn leaves.

A great article on About Health encourages planning outdoor fall activities like apple picking or hiking. So before the snow comes start your habit of exercise now to carry you through the winter months. Most exercise is easier outside rather than in the gym, the view is certainly better! So you have a month left to make exercising a habit, what will you start with, hiking, a walk around the neighborhood, or an adventure of apple picking?

Read the full article on About Health HERE

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