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Regulating Small Business

It’s no secret that small business and entrepreneurship isn’t as easy of a task as it used to be. Now regulations and guidelines keep the “American Dream” under wraps. There was a time when anyone that had an idea could open a shop and peddle their wares and services, but now licenses and permits are required.  There was an article posted on Forbes not too long ago that states President Obama saying, “In fact, I’ve approved fewer regulations in the first three years of my presidency than my Republican predecessor did in his.” Well thank you for approving less, but …

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On The Cutting Edge of Finance

What do you do as a small business trying to make your way in an already established industry? You become innovative and one company out of New York City called Betterment has done that. They are helping people build customized portfolios for people that cannot afford the high priced financial advisers. At this time only 14% of employers with fewer than 100 employees offer a 401k plan, according to the Government Accountability Office. John Stein is the founder and chief of Betterment and believes that retirement should be a fundamental right. Unfortunately very few small businesses offer a retirement plan. One reason is …

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Making Waves as a Small Business

As a country built on small business and entrepreneurship, what has allowed these companies to thrive? Many of these companies have seen a problem and created a solution. They see what needs to be fixed and fix it, often creating back lash from the companies who the “problem” originates with. In the healthcare industry we have seen that Group Health Insurance is broken and offer a solution to solve the “pain” that comes with group health plans. Naturally getting backlash from Group Health Insurance brokers saying that what we are doing isn’t legal. Fair enough, we understand their sentiments come from …

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Small-Businesses March on Capitol Hill

At the end of July, “about 150 small-business owners, organized by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), will head to Capitol Hill to make the case to members from their states on legislation…,” says a recent article by The Hill. The issue being brought forth is a ruling from 2013 by the IRS that imposes steep penalties on employers who offer tax-free reimbursement to their employees to help them purchase individual health insurance plans.  What small-business owners are confused over is the need for a penalty when all they are doing is trying to help their employees to afford …

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Teeth Chattering Cold at Work

There are five women in our office and there are days where you can hear our teeth chattering from the cold and not just in the winter. I have my space heater on more in the summer months than I do in the winter. Well, apparently it’s scientific ladies! My office isn’t the only office where the women’s teeth chatter, it’s an epidemic. The majority of office work spaces are kept at a global standard temperature. The temperature standard is based on a metabolic rate for a man in his 40’s who weighs around 155lbs and was adopted in the 1960’s My take on …

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Maryland Small Businesses to Face New Regulation

In Maryland it is not just group health insurance premiums that are rising. A new regulation took effect on June 1st for Maryland small businesses that increase’s their stop-loss on self-funded employer sponsored insurance plans. Small businesses under 50 employees do not have to provide health insurance for their employees, but many still do. A self-funded plan allows a company to offer their employees benefits without having the larger expense of a traditional group insurance plan. Although, the new regulation raises the amount an employer must pay towards an individual’s health claim from $10,000 to $22,500 before the stop-loss insurance kicks in. With this regulation …

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