Making Waves as a Small Business

As a country built on small business and entrepreneurship, what has allowed these companies to thrive? Many of these companies have seen a problem and created a solution. They see what needs to be fixed and fix it, often creating back lash from the companies who the “problem” originates with. In the healthcare industry we have seen that Group Health Insurance is broken and offer a solution to solve the “pain” that comes with group health plans. Naturally getting backlash from Group Health Insurance brokers saying that what we are doing isn’t legal. Fair enough, we understand their sentiments come from seeing the rug being pulled out from under them. So with any good and fair new option you can either adapt or fizzle out.

In a recent article posted on Zane Benefits website their President and CEO Rick Lindquist writes about a meeting he had with the former general manager of Uber. A company that has completely turned the taxicab industry upside down. The former general manger whose name is not mentioned said, “I bet the insurance brokers are reacting similarly to the taxicab drivers.” The biggest jab any company can come up with to negate a new innovation or option that is trying to disrupt the norm is a question of legality. Although, when you know without a doubt that what you are doing is legal then there is very little that can be done by the industry scrambling to save their profits. So rather than trying to smear the other company they must adapt.

If I were the taxicab industry and saw what was happening to my industry I would develop a similar program to Uber and keep the steady steam of income in my pocket. Then thank Uber for showing me a different way of bettering my business. Fear is a tricky thing though, and the unknown keeps most behind the curve instead of ahead. So whether you’re an industry leader staring down his competitor with a new innovation, or a consumer not sure if you should try a new option, I say take the leap. Possibility is never stagnant! What are you willing to try? What waves are you willing to make to create change for the better?

Read the full article from Zane Benefits HERE

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