Willing to Spend on Fitness?

The health and wellness industry seems to be booming or perhaps it’s just that I follow the industry closer than I have in the past. FitnessI don’t think that’s it though. The age of your at home fitness video’s isn’t cutting it anymore, sorry Jane Fonda. An article on Mind Body Green states that an all-inclusive gym membership doesn’t even satisfy consumers.  Sure you might be able to go to a class that interests you, but I have found that the all-inclusive gyms don’t have the best instructors. Individuals are choosing boutique type workout facilities that cater to their exact workout preference.

Many of the studios come with a heftier price tag then a typical gym membership, but people are willing to pay to get exactly what they want. The benefit is being able to work out with people just as into the class as you are. I’ve seen with the CrossFit movement just how encouraging it can be to have likeminded people cheering you on. There’s a little less cheering in a yoga class, but there’s fellow “om” chanters right beside you as well as a teacher solely dedicated to helping you perfect your yoga postures.

When people are paying a higher price tag the drive to go increases. When you put a monetary value on your workouts you don’t want to waste your money, so your excuses go out the window. Plus the majority of these types of specialized workout facilities typically come with nicer locker rooms and a little bit of pampering. You no longer need to wear your shower shoes, because the facility is more spa like rather that nasty gym locker room.

What are you willing to spend on your workouts? If you are paying for a workout facility like this are you more inclined to go on a regular basis?

Read the full article from Mind Body Green HERE


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