Who To Talk To About Health Insurance

Trying to work through the complexities of health insurance by yourself can be quite daunting. Working with a health insurance broker can remove the confusion and simplify the process, removing a lot of stress and uncertainty from your shoulders.

A benefits broker is an independent adviser who does not administer health insurance plans themselves. Brokers (or agents) provide advice about which health insurance plan will fit your specific needs. If you buy a plan through a broker or directly from the insurance company, the rate will remain the same.

What are the Different Roles when Talking about Health Insurance?

When looking for insurance, the different terms used and the people involved can be confusing. Let’s break down the different roles:


Brokers have relationships with multiple insurance carriers and provide independent advice. They are not tied to one specific insurance provider and do not administer health insurance plans themselves. A benefits broker will receive compensation from the insurance company their client decided to choose. Brokers are licensed and have to go through a series of state-level exams within the state they wish to work, as well as continuing professional education throughout their career.

Brokers are incredibly knowledgeable and can independently advise you on finding the right plan based on your individual circumstances. Their job doesn’t finish when you sign up for a plan, as they will continue to assist you after a plan is purchased. This is to help you resolve any questions and problems you might face.


In many instances, you might get your health insurance through your employer. Companies aren’t legally required to provide health insurance, but many realize that they can benefit from better retention and improved health of their employees. It is more common for large group/enterprise and mid-sized businesses to offer health insurance. However, many small companies recognize the positive investment of providing a health insurance plan. When an employer offers health insurance, they must contribute a minimum percentage of the cost. As the employee, you pay the remaining amount.


Insurance carrier and insurance provider mean precisely the same thing. Your insurance provider is the company that provides your coverage, underwrites your policy, and issues payments for your insurance claims. Your broker (or agent) will be the person who will help you submit a claim and work with the provider. However, if for some reason you can’t get hold of your agent, and it’s a timely matter, you might want to contact the customer service department of your health insurance provider directly. For that reason, it is always useful to know who your provider is.

Why choose DesignTM Health Benefit Brokers?

DesignTM Health is a brokerage that is dedicated to making the process of organizing insurance smooth and comfortable. When you choose to work with us, you get a customized plan that provides you the assistance, information, and resources you need. At DesignTM Health, we pride ourselves in ensuring that:

  • Your health plan matches your individual requirements
  • You are fully informed to ensure you have peace of mind about your coverage decision
  • Your personal information and privacy is managed discreetly and professionally
  • You get immediate access to your healthcare plan

Contact DesignTM Health benefits brokers online today, or call (720) 330-2283, so that we can help you find the right health insurance policy for your business or family. We remove the complexity of health insurance so that you can make an informed decision that is right for you.

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