How to Find Health Insurance

We all like to think that we are impenetrable and that things won’t happen to us. Unfortunately, wishful thinking doesn’t pay the medical bills and it’s always better to be prepared than sorry.

Having health insurance is extremely important, no matter what your living arrangements are. It is simply impossible to tell when you might need medical services and to what extent. You cannot foresee when you might get an injury, get ill or deal with a chronic condition. The good news is that you have several insurance options as an individual or as a business owner/worker.

We at DesignTM Health offer insurance brokerage services with our main focus being the well-being and security of the insured business, family, or individual. We are able to help you find the right insurance policy by working with the most prestigious and reliable insurance providers on the market.

Personal Insurance Plans

When it comes to health insurance for yourself and your family, we look up the best options in terms of affordability, coverage, and quick service in both general and specialized medical units. We have a detailed, comprehensive discovery call at first to find out what your expectations and needs are, and to list all the benefits you want to get from an insurance policy.

Following our call, we will list out the best insurance options for you or your family.

Business Insurance Plans

We provide health insurance for businesses of any size, from small companies with up to 50 employees to large ones of hundreds of employees on the insurance benefits. Here are our main services in terms of corporate insurance.

  • Small Group (<50 persons)

Whether you work on your own as an independent professional or have less than 50 employees on your team, your small business shouldn’t postpone health insurance coverage because of cost worries or the lack of options. We are ready to find optimal policies for your company and present them to your employees, explaining all the details to them.

  • Midsize Group (51-100 persons)

A good health plan will decrease turnover rates in your company and attract new value to your team. Protect your employees, find the most convenient funding methods, and come up with a complex plan that will work with all levels of employment in your company.

  • Large Group (<101 persons)

Through our network of providers and the professional relationships we have built in the industry, you will have access to Fortune 500 solutions for your health plan. You will be in control of the healthcare plan, as we provide valuable insight on the system, navigating through its intricacies to find a win-win solution for your company.

How to Get an Insurance Plan

In order to start the process of finding the best insurance policy for you or your employees, you need to contact us. We are available to take your call, respond through our online contact form or by email.

Schedule a discovery call with us and tell us about your company, what you want the policy to cover, what area you operate in and where you need the medical services to be located, etc. We will cover a lot of details during this stage, to make sure that the shortlist of insurers we will present to you are able to meet all your needs.

Don’t hesitate to voice your wishes in terms of health plans, as our experience and authority in this industry allow us the flexibility you need. Contact us today and get a list of the best insurance plans available on the market.

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