What Does the SCOTUS Healthcare Decision Mean?

In an article Avik Roy states, “that if the challengers had won, not one word of the law called the “Affordable Care Act” would have been changed.” He said the real change will be if the vote in the upcoming 2016 election puts a republican candidate in office. Then it won’t be SCOTUS calling the shots, but rather elected officials.

With the ACA, the law was meant to help those below the poverty line, but it is still unobtainable with the huge premium spikes. The subsidies do help, but the premiums will continue to increase going into 2016. Obamacare is becoming unobtainable for the those both above and below the poverty level. When does the Affordable Care Act really step in and make things affordable for Americans?

Now that the law stays as it is and not all states have to have their own marketplace and are able to access healthcare.gov for their subsidies there should be a tax savings in the states that do not have a marketplace. Although, the changes to Medicare have literally taxed each state to the maximum where they have very little extra for school funding and roads. What do you think it will take for true savings to take place with Obamacare and healthcare? Read the full CNN article HERE

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