Wellness Wednesday: Lemon Water!

I’m sure you’ve heard of it before, but have you ever put it into action. Lemon water is a common practice of many, and each time I’ve read about the bountiful effects it has on the body I have never put it into action.

There are several lists of why lemon water is beneficial and how it benefits your body. I am a fan of the list I found on Root and Sprouts which also gives you a fifteen day challenge starting with choosing one benefit that motivates you the most. You can view their full post HERE. I am diving into the fifteen day challenge and will update you at the end of the two weeks. My motivation is #4 on my journey to overall health. Now to put down my coffee is another challenge.

Here at the DesignTM Health office we all enjoy our fair share of coffee and some of us are self-proclaimed coffeeholics. Yes, Starbucks knows me by name and what I will order before I even get to the front. I’ve cut out coffee in the past and have more energy in the long run, so I am jumping at the challenge to see what the replacement of lemon water will have as well as the elimination of coffee to my daily routine. Tomorrow morning I’m grabbing my glass of lemon water and hope you will join me. If you do, what number in the list of benefits is your motivation?

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