Are 8 Glasses of Water Really Good For You?

There have been countless times and countless things I’ve read that say to drink 8 glasses of water a day. So lugging around my water bottle and constantly running to the little restroom has been something I’ve become accustomed to on my journey to fitness. Today I came across an interesting article that intrigued me and I’m inclined to believe its truth over some of the others pushing the water bandwagon. Schmidt’s Human Physiology states, “A Person weighing 155 lbs requires at least 59 oz of water per day. Of this amount 650 ml is obtained by drinking, 750 ml is the water contained in solid food, and 350 ml is oxidation water. If more than this amount is consumed by a healthy person it is excreted by the kidneys, but in people with heart and kidney disease it may be retained.” If you go off of this you truly need very little water to maintain your hydration if you are keeping up with a balanced diet.

The article written on Modern Health Monks blog is decently humor filled, but I love some of the information he gives. Noting that our body knows when we are thirsty and will tell us when to drink more water when we are in need of it. Moreover stating that constantly running to and from the restroom can’t truly be the best for us. That has been a question in my mind for a while now. I feel counteractive and wonder why I am drinking this much water if all my body is doing is getting rid of it. Water is extremely good for you don’t get me wrong, but with anything there is a balance.

There are very few things in life that are a one size fits all rule, and the gallon of water a day will and should differentiate with each person’s weight, diet choices, and a number of other factors. Instead of grabbing your water each day with the explicit goal of downing the gallon, perhaps we should be listening to what our body wants more. Do you think you are giving yourself enough, too little, or too much water? Read the entire article my Alexander Heyne HERE

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