Renew Your Skin with Aromatherapy Steam

I don’t know about you, but apparently every day I get a little older. I keep trying to reverse time, but I’ve had no such luck thus far. I look into ways to make my skin feel refreshed so that my bright and shiny skin stays just that way. I don’t ever want the glow to go! I absolutely love the way my skin feels from the steam when I go get a facial at the spa, but time and money don’t always allow for a trip to the spa. I looked into ways to have this same effect at home.

Mind Body Green is an amazing website for all things health and wellness and they give a great recipe for an aromatherapy facial steam. Steaming helps deep cleanse the skin, loosens and dislodges dirt and unclogs pores, improves facial circulation, encourages relaxation, and helps skin look renewed. Well sign me up I want all of that! I also need to note that a regular face care routine is advised for cleansing, but any of the extras like steaming, scrubs, and masks should only be done once or twice a week.

Don’t shock that beautiful skin by being too abrasive, be gentle! So for this epic aromatherapy steam here’s what you’ll need (I’m only listing for Dry Skin, because I’m up here in the beautifully dry state of Colorado, but you can find the ingredients for Normal, Oily, Sensitive, and Acne-Prone skin HERE):

Filtered, boiled water

1/2 cup of mixed, dried rose petals, fennel seeds, lemon verbena, elderflower, calendula

Make sure your start with a fresh and clean face.

Put all of the dried herbs and flowers in a large bowl. Then carefully pour the boiling water over the herb and flower mixture after it has cooled slightly. Let it steep for 1-2 minutes.

Position your face over the bowl and drape a light towel over your head, then breathe in the steam for one minute. Repeat for up to three minutes. In other words three times for a minute each. When you’re done splash some cold water on your face or use toner.

I’m a big fan of a nice long nap or a night of sleep after any spa treatment, at home or not. So relax and feel refreshed. Let me know how you enjoyed your at home steam aromatherapy session.

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