Pro or No Vaccine?

The battle continues from parents on Pro or No Vaccine. As the school year starts there are many children walking through the doors without their recommended vaccines due to medical, religious or philosophical reasons. Parents who are pro-vaccine believe that those that don’t vaccinate their children are putting their children at risk. Please inform me of something though, if their children are vaccinated they are no longer at risk, so why are they worried? It is the parents that don’t vaccinate their children that are putting each others children at risk and they all sit on the same side of the fence, so why the big issue?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests vaccination schedules for children and adults but there are no federal requirements. All states have their own policies to require children to be vaccinated, but parents are able to obtain exemptions. After a large outbreak of measles that originated at Disneyland in California those that don’t vaccinate have come under more ridicule. California and Vermont have now taken away the choice of parents to exempt their children for religious or philosophical reasons.

The possible excuse of not having or not being able to afford healthcare is eliminated as well due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Preventative care is typically covered at no cost to the individual and includes routine vaccinations against diseases. The CDC puts out a recommended vaccination list for all ages and can be found HERE. If it is an issue of healthcare coverage I urge you to look into health plans for your family to ensure that your family is protected if you desire to be.

If you are one that is anti-vaccination let me know, why do you choose not to vaccinate your child? If you do vaccinate your child please tell me, what are your thoughts on those that don’t and why you choose to vaccinate?

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