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SPF for Your National Holiday

This is a holiday weekend and most people like myself enjoy being in the great outdoors soaking up some sun. As the adventures this weekend begin keep in mind that you need to keep your skin protected. The sun is a beautiful thing, but not so kind to our skin. That golden glow can still be obtained with the right protection. UV radiation reaches the earth in the form of UVB and UVA rays. UVB radiation plays a key role in skin cancer, and SPF refers mainly to the amount of UVB protection a sunscreen offers. Thus, higher SPF’s can help. …

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What Does the SCOTUS Healthcare Decision Mean?

In an article Avik Roy states, “that if the challengers had won, not one word of the law called the “Affordable Care Act” would have been changed.” He said the real change will be if the vote in the upcoming 2016 election puts a republican candidate in office. Then it won’t be SCOTUS calling the shots, but rather elected officials. With the ACA, the law was meant to help those below the poverty line, but it is still unobtainable with the huge premium spikes. The subsidies do help, but the premiums will continue to increase going into 2016. Obamacare is becoming unobtainable for the …

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Subsidies Stay and Talks of Mergers Resume

With the ruling of King Vs. Burwell in favor of the Obama Administration business moves ahead as normal. Talks of mergers are at the forefront for several of the U.S. healthcare insurers. The Supreme Court ruling had a potential to disrupt the individual market for both individuals and insurers. The top 5 insurers are all considering deals, but two largest mergers that are in the works are Anthem’s bid for Cigna and Aetna acquiring Humana. Cigna’s board has turned down Anthem’s $54B bid. CNBC quotes, “Cigna believes a merger with Anthem would create a health insurance powerhouse, but the Connecticut-based insurer is …

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Top Summer Travel Destinations

Summer is officially here and my adventurous side perks up. I love to travel and adventure so I wanted to see what the ever helpful internet had to say about top summer travel destinations. I’m going off of the Travel Channels web article for what they consider to be the best destinations. 10. The Bahamas 9. Miami 8. Catalina Island, CA 7. Mackinac Island, MI 6. Ocean City, MD 5. Amsterdam 4. Virginia Beach, VA 3. Bora Bora 2. Dubai 1. Hawaii Now that you have seen their list I will give my two cents. Travel is never about the …

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What if Obamacare is Ruled Against?

With the passing of the A.C.A. healthcare is often a political issue. This is especially true when following the King Vs. Burwell case where Republicans want the law upended and the Democrats would like it to stay as is. Republicans are having to take a second look at their initial push to have Obamacare struck down due to how this could impact their constituents and the upcoming election. If millions of Americans lose coverage this could be a negative in the eyes of voters. The majority of Republicans in office do not want Americans to have a disruption in service and see the need for …

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Broker Praises from CO Healthcare Exchange CEO

How often do we as people say, “If you were in my shoes?” That is exactly where interim CEO of Connect for Health Colorado Kevin Patterson has put himself. Not only did he move into a new roll after previous interim CEO Gary Drews stepped down, but he also put himself in the place of the consumer and signed up for healthcare through the very entity he is CEO of. He saw first hand what the issues consumers have faced and why there have been so many frustrations with enrollment. The ACA mandates that individuals and families have to have health insurance and must either …

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