Outdoor Activities For Fall

Is it getting colder where you are? Here in Colorado the days are getting cooler and the leaves continue to change to that beautiful golden and orange hue. As the weather gets colder people tend to move to indoor activities, but there are still plenty of outdoors activities for the fall season.

The cool weather makes for some amazing weather to get outside and exercise, whether it’s a run on a beautiful tree covered trail or mountain biking for the day. The cool weather is perfect as your temperature rises to cool your body. A much needed reprieve from the sweltering heat in the summer where you have to schedule your workouts in the morning or evenings just to withstand the heat. outdoor activities

This season is also great to get in your car and take a long drive out of the city or up into the mountains to embrace the nature around. Perhaps you can find a local pumpkin patch and find that prized pumpkin for your front porch. Make it a weekend trip and take your tent, this month will be one of the last before those super cold snaps turn your toes blue when camping.

This is also the perfect time of year to have friends over and have a fire pit or bonfire outside. As always make sure to look at any open flame restrictions in your area to see if it’s permitted. Grab the blankets, good friends, drinks, and conversation then curl up around the fire for a night under the stars.

Just remember the days are only getting colder so embrace the last few days that you can by getting outside. For more ideas visit Eagles Nest Outfitters HERE

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