Obamacare Brings About Revelation

GalenThe Galen Institute was founded by Grace-Marie Turner in 1995 to promote a conversation over free-market ideas in the health sector. Grace-Marie wrote earlier this week that Obamacare is working to an extent, but it is still far from affordable for most. She quotes, “39 percent favor the law and 54 percent oppose it.” With 32 changes already having been made to the law the next big change that could take place is the King vs. Burwell case.  With the decision to be made towards the end of this month Americans do not want this to disrupt their coverage, but rather open a door to make the law better. President Obama is quoted in her post as saying, “Let’s figure out how to make it better.” Even the President recognizes that the mandate has it’s flaws. The ultimate goal she states, “is to find bipartisan solutions that give Americans the choice of secure, affordable, health coverage and access to care that meets their needs and the needs of their families.” What have you seen as you have enrolled in your Health Insurance Plan, are you getting the coverage you desire for a price that you consider fair? Read the full post by Grace-Marie Turner HERE

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