Episode #22: New Ways to Reduce Costs, with Jason Hellickson

Health Insurance By Design Podcast | Hosted by Josiah Allis | Featuring Jason Hellickson

On today’s show Josiah will be talking with Jason Hellickson who is the CEO of Regenexx. His company, Regenexx, has new treatments and technology to improve outcomes and reduce cost of common orthopedic pain. Regenexx is on the leading edge of new technology and treatments to achieve better outcomes at a reduced cost. During this episode you’ll hear: What and how stem cell and platelet procedures work. How technologies help reduce costs for individuals and small businesses. Regulatory hurdles that Regenexx has had to navigate to bring this treatment model to market. The best way for individuals and small businesses to find out more about Regenexx and how it could help them or their employees. Trends he sees continuing to emerge over the next five years with Stem Cell therapy and other technologies aiming to improve outcomes. RESOURCES: Jason Hellickson comes to Regenexx with over 30 years of experience at a national insurance brokerage and risk management firm focusing on large self-funded employers. Hellickson worked with many Fortune 500 companies to innovatively reduce the trajectory of their insurance expense while protecting and enhancing their balance sheet. As their top performer for 15+ years, he was the youngest shareholder, multi-million dollar producer, and youngest board of director in company history. As the National Practice Leader, Hellickson invented the patented sales system that re-engineered the sales force helping lead the firm to become 120MM revenue company.Since joining the Regenexx Network in late 2014, Hellickson has reengineered clinic operations which increased capacity by over 200% while offering a streamlined approach beneficial to both patients and clinic staff. He is the architect and leader of the Corporate Self-Funded Model that enables large employers access to the Regenexx procedures. Hellickson oversaw the expansion of the tiered affiliate strategy building a nationwide network to serve employers with national footprints.Recognized as one of the region’s Most Influential People, Hellickson has served as Chair of a National Insurance Brokerage Council and holds board positions with multiple insurance brokerage firms. Additional board experience includes several Chambers of Commerce, American Cancer Society, and United Way. He is an active board member with several key entrepreneurial enterprises throughout the country.

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