How to Get Health Insurance for My Business?

Starting a business can be a long and tedious process. However, finding the right insurance coverage for your organization makes the process even more challenging. As a business owner, providing health insurance for your employees is a brilliant way to attract and retain the best talents. Insurance health benefits for employees also help boost their morale, shape positive company culture, and increase productivity.

When seeking health insurance for your business, you need to consult with a professional insurance expert to advise you on the best coverage. At DesignTM Health, we have been assisting our clients in finding the most suitable insurance benefits for their employees.

Importance of Providing Health Coverage for Your Employees

Organizations that provide health insurance coverage for their workers reap the following benefits:

  • Tax advantages –Signing up for a group health insurance cover offers tax advantages such as the ability to deduct the premiums and employees to pay their portion of the premium pre tax.
  • Keep employees satisfied –Health coverage can be a perfect tool to motivate your employees and improve job satisfaction. Consequently, they become more productive.
  • Fosters a healthy culture – Providing health insurance for your employees indicates that their welfare is a priority to the company. As such, they develop a healthy company culture that focuses on achieving organizational goals.
  • Improved loyalty and retention – Health insurance coverage can be an effective tool to retain your employees by assuring them that their health needs and those of their loved ones are well-considered.

How to Get Insurance for Your Business

As a business owner there are multiple channels you can use to secure health coverage for your employees. However, you need to ensure that the method you use provides the best solutions to the employees’ insurance needs while keeping the costs at manageable levels. Below are some tips to ensure you find the most suitable employee coverage:

  • Engage a local independent insurance broker – An independent insurance broker like DesignTM Health will use their vast industry knowledge and experience to advise you on the most suitable coverage for your business. This will depend on your employee’s needs. A brokerage firm will also provide you with quotes from different insurance companies so you can choose a product that best suits your budget.
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) – You will need to choose between HMO and PPO plans, which differ with the location. An HMO plan only covers medical services provided by specific doctors and medical centers. The plan comes with a fixed list of facilities to choose from. On the other hand, a PPO plan allows employees to select medical facilities and doctors of their choice.

Looking to Buy Health Insurance Coverage for Your Business? Get in Touch

The health of your employees is a critical success factor for your business. Providing them with the appropriate health insurance benefits is therefore paramount. At DesignTM Health, we will help you find the most suitable health coverage for your workers to enhance productivity. Please get in touch with us today to set up a free consultation with our professional insurance benefits advisors.

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