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Broker Praises from CO Healthcare Exchange CEO

How often do we as people say, “If you were in my shoes?” That is exactly where interim CEO of Connect for Health Colorado Kevin Patterson has put himself. Not only did he move into a new roll after previous interim CEO Gary Drews stepped down, but he also put himself in the place of the consumer and signed up for healthcare through the very entity he is CEO of. He saw first hand what the issues consumers have faced and why there have been so many frustrations with enrollment. The ACA mandates that individuals and families have to have health insurance and must either …

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Maryland Small Businesses to Face New Regulation

In Maryland it is not just group health insurance premiums that are rising. A new regulation took effect on June 1st for Maryland small businesses that increase’s their stop-loss on self-funded employer sponsored insurance plans. Small businesses under 50 employees do not have to provide health insurance for their employees, but many still do. A self-funded plan allows a company to offer their employees benefits without having the larger expense of a traditional group insurance plan. Although, the new regulation raises the amount an employer must pay towards an individual’s health claim from $10,000 to $22,500 before the stop-loss insurance kicks in. With this regulation …

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Investors See No Threat From King vs. Burwell

Last Friday Reuters posted an interesting take on the Supreme Court case King vs. Burwell titled “Healthcare Investors see no real threat from Supreme Court.” In recent weeks healthcare stocks have been rising with the anticipated ruling. The article states that, “a negative ruling for Obamacare could result in an immediate selloff of healthcare stocks, but it will be short lived.” Keep in mind that the ruling will only effect those that are receiving government assistance for their health premiums enrolled through Healthcare.gov. This provides some security to investors knowing that a large amount of Americans will not have any disruption in …

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Obamacare Brings About Revelation

The Galen Institute was founded by Grace-Marie Turner in 1995 to promote a conversation over free-market ideas in the health sector. Grace-Marie wrote earlier this week that Obamacare is working to an extent, but it is still far from affordable for most. She quotes, “39 percent favor the law and 54 percent oppose it.” With 32 changes already having been made to the law the next big change that could take place is the King vs. Burwell case.  With the decision to be made towards the end of this month Americans do not want this to disrupt their coverage, but rather open …

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Healthcare.gov is working?! Opinion or Fact?

A recent article by St. Louis Today gives praise to the controversial Healthcare.gov website touting 11.7 million Americans enrolled through Healthcare.gov this year up from the 6.3 million enrolled last year. Although, there is around a 10 percent drop off, according to the article, from those that initially enroll to those who stay enrolled. Healthcare.gov allows Americans to receive a subsidy to help supplement the cost of rising health premiums in the States that do not have their own State run marketplace. The Federally run marketplace gets it’s fair share of criticism and negative news in the media, but these numbers exceeded …

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