Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you haven’t already seen the pink ribbons starting to flutter around you then you probably will at some point this month. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and most people know breast cancersomebody going through this battle as we speak. According to the American Cancer Society a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer every two minutes. Although, the death rate for breast cancer is down 34% since 1990.

The high number of diagnosis push for early detection and screenings that allow medical professionals to target the disease in the beginning before it is too late. This month celebrates those six million victories of survivors, and helps raise awareness to those that don’t realize how many this disease effects. It’s not just women this disease effects either, it is estimated that 2,350 males will be diagnosed this year alone. A much smaller number than the estimated 231,830 women, but no less traumatic to the individual being diagnosed whether male or female.

The entire month of October is marked to bring awareness, but October 16th specifically is National Mammography Day, encouraging people to be screened as a precaution. The Susan G Komen foundation also organizes the “Komen Race For The Cure” where individuals raise money to find a cure and participate in a race. These races take place all over the country with the most notable race being the 3-day 60 mile walk in seven different cities across the United States.

With 1 in 8 women being diagnosed, what will you do to bring awareness? Simply wearing a pink ribbon might be all it takes to let others know how important it is to find a cure to this disease.

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