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Josiah Allis – President and Co-Founder

Josiah Allis is President and Co-Founder of DesignTM Health, which is a fully integrated health benefits firm that specializes in Employee benefits, Individual Health and Medicare Insurance. Josiah’s passion is assisting companies with 10-1000 employees provide better health benefits with more plan choices for their employees. He sees the health markets are ripe for change to provide better value to the end consumer regardless of whether insurance purchased through the employer or individually.

Josiah graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Business Management and a Certificate of Entrepreneurship. He has been life and health insurance licensed for 14 years and serves clients in over 25 states. He has worked on public policy at both the State and Federal level, most recently working on the Small Business Healthcare Relief Act that was passed into law in December of 2016 as a part of the 21st Century Cures Act and working with regulatory agencies on the Executive Order Promoting Healthcare Choice and Competition. Josiah prides himself in being able to work with all sides when it comes to complex healthcare policy. He has served on several national insurance advisory committees and is routinely sought after as a key expert in his field.

Josiah and his wife Lauren enjoy attending church, spending time with friends & family, working out, golfing, and going on walks with their puppy, Riley.

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