Where to Buy Health Insurance for Small Business

For a small company, health insurance is a key factor in retaining and attracting employees, as well as ensuring performance levels and employee satisfaction. However, finding the right plan for your needs isn’t always easy.

At DesignTM Health, our team can help you find the health insurance policy that will allow you to keep your coats under control all while supporting your employees’ health and wellness.

Why Is It So Hard to Find Health Insurance?

There is no lack of health insurance companies on the market, but it usually comes at a high price. And, when you are a small business striving to build your customer base and keep your head afloat, some costs can seem excessive. Not only that health insurance can be expensive but the quality of the service provides can sometimes be challenging. So, there is no wonder that so many small businesses are having a difficult time finding a plan that is right for them.

Do You Really Need Health Insurance?

If you have 50 or more full-time employees, then you are required by law to offer health insurance, or you pay a penalty under the employer mandate as required by the  Affordable Care Act. If your business has less than 50 full-time employees, you are not legally required to offer your employees health insurance.

With a small business health insurance plan, you can give a meaningful advantage to your employees. You can buy insurance at any time of the year, request a proposal from many companies, compare plans, and choose the insurance that suits you the most. You can do this alone or with the help of a health insurance broker.

How Much Does A Small Business Health Insurance plan cost?

Health insurance plans for small companies are based on your location (state), the number of employees, and how much you want to cover for your employees. You can get a cost estimation for small business health insurance in a few minutes and a more accurate quote if you supply details about the employees you want to cover.

4 Factors That Can Affect Your Costs

  1. Benefit Payments

Identify which health care plans offer deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance that are most affordable for your employees.

  1. Shared Costs

Group medical insurance plans contain coverage costs paid by your employer.

  1. Physician Network

You and your employees might have some specific doctors you want to have in your plan. If a provider does not accept your plan, reimbursement claims can be turned down or reprocessed and a lower level of care.

  1. Prescription drug plans

Pharmacy services are the most commonly accessed healthcare benefit, but not all prescription drugs are covered in all plans.

Commercial Health Insurance

Commercial health plans are managed by insurance carriers, not the government, and can be bought by individuals or as group health insurance coverage for a business. Medicare plans are not commercial health insurance plans. Small business health plans offered from a company like DesignTM Health would be considered commercial health insurance.

How Can I Get Health Insurance For My Small Business?

You can purchase health insurance for small businesses straight from an insurance provider or work with a broker or health insurance agent if you want to save time. If you know what kind of insurance coverage, you’d like to offer your employees and how much you can afford to pay, this is a great start.

DesignTM Health is a premier fully integrated health insurance agency in Colorado. Our main goal is to find the best plan for you and your company and make you understand how it works.

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