What to Ask a Health Insurance Agent?

If you have decided to find an agent to help you with your insurance, it’s essential to find one you feel comfortable working with. The best place to start is by asking questions. Some key questions to help you find the right health insurance agent and plan for you are:

What Does a Health Insurance Agent Do?

Although you may already be clear about an agent’s role, it’s an excellent question to ask. The agent can explain exactly what their role involves, how they can help you, and the ongoing support they provide. Being clear about what a benefit broker does/does not do will ensure you get the maximum benefit from working with them.

Tell Me About the Company; What is Your Experience?

It’s good to establish how long the firm has been in business, what is their experience working as a health insurance agent, and what connections have they have established. It may be beneficial to ask about qualifications, background, and references.

What are the Costs of the Plan(s)?

It is critical that the health insurance plan your agent is advising is affordable to you. Make sure you ask the agent about:

  • The costs involved
  • The monthly premium amount
  • The deductibles
  • How much will you pay to see your doctor, visit urgent care, go to the emergency room or fill prescriptions?
  • The out-of-pocket max (this is the most you must pay for covered services in a plan year?
  • Will it be affordable if I am sick?

Overall, you need to know if the plan is within your budget with no hidden surprises.

What is the Scope of the Coverage?

Plans usually come in a range of different tiers. Everybody is different and will have different coverage requirements. Ask your health insurance agent about the full scope of the coverage—what does it cover and what does it not cover.

Are There Any Perks to The Plan?

Some health insurance plans come with great perks! Things like telemedicine, rewards, or free classes may be included. Make sure you ask your agent what the extras are so that you can make the most of them.

What Can You Do About My Specific Needs? (Find a Plan That Works for You)

Most importantly, when you search for a health insurance agent and a new plan, make sure you discuss your specific needs. An agent will work better with you the more details that you can give them. By having a frank and open conversation about your requirements, your agent can find the best-individualized plan for you.

Why Work with DesignTM Health Benefit Brokers?

DesignTM Health is comprised of an experienced team of brokers dedicated to making the process of finding health insurance smooth and comfortable. When you choose to work with us, you get a customized plan that provides you the support, information, and resources you need to help your business, yourself, or your family.

DesignTM Health Benefit Brokers Will:

  • Answer all your questions, so that you are fully informed about your new insurance plan
  • Keep you involved at every step of the journey, so that you have full control
  • Work with you to make sure we know what works for you, what doesn’t, and identify where we can add value
  • Manage your information discreetly
  • Stick within your budget, so you never feel out of your comfort zone
  • Ensure your health plan is individualized to your needs

Are You Ready to Find a New Health Insurance Plan?

DesignTM Health benefit brokers are here to take the complexity out of insurance and find the right plan to benefit you, your family, or your business. Call us today at (720) 330-2283 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing your requirements and working with you to achieve them.

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