Top 9 Employee Benefits To Consider For Your Company

Apart from a good salary, there are a variety of other employee benefits companies can offer. Such perks help to motivate employees and ultimately beneficially impact the company as much as the employees themselves.

But what should a company offer its employees in terms of benefits?

9 Essential Employee Benefits to Consider

  1. Remote Work/Work From Home

Remote working opportunities are becoming more and more popular—especially since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. According to Upwork, around 41.8% of the American workforce works remotely as of December 2020. Allowing employees to work from home or outside the office gives employees more time for their personal activities, which can greatly improve their work satisfaction and boost employee retention.

  1. Good Healthcare Insurance Coverage

For many, the healthcare offered by an employer could be the factor that determines whether someone accepts a job offer or not. Business healthcare coverage is an essential employee benefit to offer and it allows companies to build trust and show the people that work for it they care about them as a person, not just as a worker.

  1. Paid Time Off (PTO)

People need time to rest but, for a lot of employers, the term PTO is cause for anxiety. However, it’s essential to give employees the option of taking a break from work without having them worry about their finances. This can directly impact their work performance.

Some businesses even choose to offer unlimited PTO and find that their employees use less than they would with an accrual system. You know your business better than anyone and know what your employees will respond to best. It’s the job of the insurance brokers to listen to the needs and prepare the best employee benefits package options.

  1. Flexible Hours

The 9 to 5 working schedule is slowly becoming obsolete as more and more employers understand their workers require a bit more flexibility in their schedules. From parents who need to pick up or drop off children at school to those with various personal appointments booked in the middle of the workday, offering flexible hours allows employees to still carry out their personal activities and work activities almost seamlessly.

  1. Paid Leave

Starting a family is often one of the most important steps a person can make in their lives, yet their work often influences this decision more than other aspects of their lives. Employees are now looking for career opportunities that offer paid family leave, and companies who do it gain a great competitive advantage.

  1. Fitness Perks

Health is a big priority for many companies, but helping employees address their health concerns isn’t just done through good health insurance coverage. Extra incentives, such as paid gym memberships, also help encourage employees to take better care of their health which leads to happier, more satisfied employees.

  1. Educational Opportunities/Continued Education (CE)

People are looking for opportunities that allow them to grow professionally, and not just from the job itself. Companies that provide additional training or other educational opportunities are highly regarded by employees, as they show they care about more than just the dotted line.

  1. Retirement Benefits

Financial security for retirement is another essential perk to add to the employee benefits package. Employees with good retirement benefits are more likely to remain with the company since they do not have to go through the worry of saving as much as possible for when they retire.

  1. Childcare Benefits

Whether having a childcare facility on the premises or helping the parents cover the often-exorbitant expense, childcare benefits are essential to helping many workers find a manageable home-work balance.

Find the Right Insurance Package for Your Employees

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