The Impact of a Good Benefits Package on Employee Recruitment

Employees are the most important asset a business has, and attracting the right people is always a huge focus for many companies and hiring managers.

Though much of the conversation in recruiting employees goes into the interviewing process and how to choose the best candidates, businesses have a much better chance of attracting highly trained individuals if they offer something more than just a nice paycheck.

A benefits package can be an effective way for companies to attract qualified potential employees and keep them on the team long-term, sometimes even more than the job itself.

Why A Good Employee Benefits Package Helps You Attract the Right People

Salary is an important factor when people are looking for a job, but it’s not the only one. In some cases, it might not even be the primary factor.

Here are some reasons why a good benefits package helps you attract better candidates:

Good Benefits Show That You Care About More Than Just the Bottom Line

More and more, people are looking for companies who can offer them additional perks—especially those directly relating to their health and wellbeing. Having a comprehensive employee benefits package with health insurance, disability benefits, and paid leave tells the potential employee the company is not just interested in having a worker, but having a happy and healthy worker.

Focusing solely on the tasks that need to be accomplished and your desired skills isn’t a winning strategy when it comes to employee recruitment. Highly trained candidates may even see it as a red flag if the business does offer benefits to its employees.

A Good Benefits Package Sets You Apart from Your Competition

An excellent benefits package is a great way to separate job opportunities that may be similar to your direct competitors. Different company cultures and growth opportunities certainly make your business stand out from the competition, but they can only go so far when it comes to employee recruitment.

When a person needs to choose between two similar jobs, they often look at the benefits package to make a decision. In other words, they look at the offerings most beneficial to them—this positive alignment takes you one step closer to recruiting the type of employee you are looking to build your team with.

Benefits Help You As Much As They Help Your Employees

At first glance, employee benefits packages seem to only impact the employees who ultimately receive the perks. In reality, the company has just as much to gain. A lot of perks included in the benefits package are designed to act as a safety net for your workers and kick in during moments they need most, such as health insurance.

Knowing they have this protection removes a lot of the financial burden a private health insurance policy would impose on an employee and provides peace of mind. Such packages also build a better relationship between the employees and the company and directly help to build trust—a key ingredient to healthy employee retention.

How DesignTM Health Can Help

At DesignTM Health, we understand that good employee benefits packages start with identifying what your employees need. It’s why our solutions are unique and can be personalized to the specific needs of your business and employees, whether you classify as a small business, a mid-size business, or are operating at the enterprise level, we can help.

Our purpose is to provide a variety of health insurance solutions, with a strong focus on good services coupled with modern tech solutions to streamline various processes—in particular, those administrative in nature. We work with accessible digital platforms that allow managers to easily navigate plans, and offer customizable benefits guides you can use to create your packages from scratch.

If you want to attract the best candidates during your employee recruitment efforts, start by adding the best benefits package.

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