Health Insurance For Employers & Small Businesses

Just when you think All You Get Are Higher Premiums, Higher Deductibles, More Paperwork… and Less Coverage.

We have the solution!

Design Health helps you to:


Here’s how it works:

Step 1

We help you implement your customized Design Health Defined contribution plan, which gives employees a monthly Allowance to spend on health insurance.

Step 2

Your employees now have clear, simple and easy health insurance solutions For themselves and their families.

Step 3

Once our concierge has you all set up and everyone is covered you can transition out of your current coverage immediately. You don’t have to wait for the group insurance renewal date.


Design Health Defined Contribution Plans: A “Win-Win” for Both You AND Your Employees

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Happier employees

Happier Employees

Happier employees
Provide Affordable Health
Benefits With Freedom
of Choice!

Cost control

Cost Control

Cost control
Say Goodbye to Sticker
Shock by Fixing Your
Healthcare Costs


Time Savings

Time savings
Stop Managing a Company
Group Plan & Spend Time
on What Matters



Employer Group Plans vs. Design Health Individual Plans

We get it. This all sounds great (maybe even too good to be true), but it’s a change from what you – and your employees – are used to. So here’s how the two options stack up side by side:

Typical health plan vs. the Design Health way


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