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What Time Should I Work Out?

Work OutHave you ever wondered if your work out should be in the morning, evening, or in-between for best results? I have on multiple occasions. I know that when I wake up and work out I have better sustained energy throughout my day and working out in the evening can help with my sleep, but what is ideal?  According to Russel Pate, M.D., and professor of exercise science at the University of South Carolina, “The best time of the day is when you will do it most consistently, because the benefits of physical activity are tightly linked to the amount you do on a consistent basis.” Well there you have it, it’s not an exact when, it’s just the exact when for you personally each day.

It all comes down to being consistent and doing what works best for you. Later on in the article posted by the American Heart Association Pate says, “If you’re not a morning person, it does no good for you to try to get up at 5 in the morning to work out. Try to stack as many cards on your side of the table as possible by doing what’s most likely to work for you. The converse is, don’t make it as hard as it doesn’t have to be.” HA! Finally! I don’t have to make myself a morning person! Obviously I’m not a morning person and I am more than willing to let one man with his credentials tell me I don’t have to wake up early. He goes on to mention that there are differences in the way a workout effects your body depending on the time of day you work out, but that the differences are minimal compared to the overall effect working out consistently.

All in all it’s about doing it even if you’re tight on time, find the time that works best for you and your schedule and stick to it. What time of day do you work out? Why do you choose that time frame?

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Which Group Fitness Is For You?

I’ve often wondered which group fitness is better for each person as I see different styles and types pop up constantly. You can take your pick these days whether it’s Orange Theory, Curves, Crossfit, Yoga (Allllll the styles of yoga), Zumba, or Spinning. The list goes on and on so which one is better for each body type and moreover which body type I’m trying to achieve. A great article on digs deeper into many styles of working out and the benefits of each. Here are the “Goal” and “Try” snippets from the article:

Group Fitness
Goal: “I want something to balance out my cardio”

Try: Yoga or barre classes

I’ve done Barre class and I have no idea how that balances your cardio other than kicking your derriere so much that you just lay on the floor. Taaa daaa balance achieved. These are not my snippets though so I will continue with what SELF recommends.

Goal: “I want a one-stop-shop so I don’t have to run.”

Try: Zumba, kickboxing, Spinning, boot camp or step aerobics

Don’t worry there won’t be any need for running after these and lets face it walking could be a challenge the next day as well.

Goal: “I want to firm up my trouble spots, fast.”

Try: Classes targeted at those specific body parts

I believe I just signed up for every class on the schedule with this recommendation.

Goal: “I need something to help me relax.”

Try: Restorative yoga or kickboxing

I’m a big fan of sleep for this one, but restorative yoga is amazing as well. Kickboxing, well maybe that’s how Rhonda Rousey relaxes, but I don’t see it being my cup of tea.

Goal: “I want to look longer and leaner.”

Try: Barre workouts or Pilates

Or you can just grab a different set of parents because I don’t believe at my age I will be looking any “longer”.

In all seriousness there is a world of group exercises and each has their benefit for what you are looking to achieve. Don’t just jump into any class, rather look at your goals and research which type of class would help you meet your target most efficiently. Are you already going to group exercise classes? If you are which ones do you enjoy and if not which goals are you looking to reach?

Read the full article on HERE

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Yoga Is Not Just For The Flexible

Ayoga-for-all common misconception to those not immersed in the yoga bubble is that you have to be flexible to practice yoga. Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle is incredibly important and yoga can be practiced at any age whether you have a limited range of motion or are the most flexible person on Earth. The typical yoga that you see in photos or on the cover of Yoga Journal is not where you start a yoga practice.

Each pose you see has a modification to enable a beginner to ease into each “asana” or posture. Many people stay in the modified pose indefinitely and gain the very same benefits someone in the full expression of the pose achieve. Young YogaYoga helps with alignment and a continued practice can improve posture among other aches and pains within the body. Yoga seemed to start as the fashionable thing to do and in time has become a staple of many communities, with often the smallest of towns having a studio you can practice at.

Most studios offer a free week trial and if you aren’t comfortable going to a studio there are many options for an at home practice with videos or the new Gaiam TV. The biggest thing in starting a yoga journey is understanding that the goal is not to push yourself but rather to learn yourself and how your body moves and reacts. Not all postures are for everybody. We are our own worst critics and learning to be gentle on ourselves will help us to grow in overall wellness. With anything in life it does not happen overnight it’s a process. If you want to find a studio near you go to Yoga Finder.

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Essential Oils

Rarely can I read a news or social media feed today without seeing something about essential oils. It’s one of those everybody is doing it thing, and not typically being one who moves with the EssOilmasses on trends I was hesitant to try this new craze. Although, it’s not truly new. Using oils and the pure form of natural growing and living elements to heal is as old as time. The benefit of essential oils is that it takes each root, flower, twig, etc. and purges and purifies it for a highly concentrated oil. There are many companies that claim to have the best, and I won’t plug one in this post even though I have my favorite. They are also somewhat costly, but the benefits far outreach the cost in my eyes.

Each oil has it’s own health benefit and target symptom it treats. Many of the oils can be applied topically, ingested, or diffused depending on the concentration. A few of my favorites are Lavender for calm, a little on my pillow at night and I’m out like a light. Peppermint for headaches, rub a little on your temples and that throbbing pain starts to subside. Lemon oil in my water when I get bored of drinking my daily gallon and need a flavor boost. There are several preventative oils that are recommended for daily use to keep the sniffles away, oils that keep bugs away in the summer, ones for cleaning your house, and on and on.

On any given day if I can heal something within myself naturally I will choose that option every time. There is a great post on Dr.Axe’s website for 101 Essential Oil Uses. It’s a great place to start to see what oils might benefit you. Please note by no means am I giving medical advice and telling you to choose essential oils over any other recommendations by your doctor. This is just something I’ve added into my daily routine and I wanted to share. If you haven’t already jumped in on the craze yourself are you as intrigued as I was?

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Willing to Spend on Fitness?

The health and wellness industry seems to be booming or perhaps it’s just that I follow the industry closer than I have in the past. FitnessI don’t think that’s it though. The age of your at home fitness video’s isn’t cutting it anymore, sorry Jane Fonda. An article on Mind Body Green states that an all-inclusive gym membership doesn’t even satisfy consumers.  Sure you might be able to go to a class that interests you, but I have found that the all-inclusive gyms don’t have the best instructors. Individuals are choosing boutique type workout facilities that cater to their exact workout preference.

Many of the studios come with a heftier price tag then a typical gym membership, but people are willing to pay to get exactly what they want. The benefit is being able to work out with people just as into the class as you are. I’ve seen with the CrossFit movement just how encouraging it can be to have likeminded people cheering you on. There’s a little less cheering in a yoga class, but there’s fellow “om” chanters right beside you as well as a teacher solely dedicated to helping you perfect your yoga postures.

When people are paying a higher price tag the drive to go increases. When you put a monetary value on your workouts you don’t want to waste your money, so your excuses go out the window. Plus the majority of these types of specialized workout facilities typically come with nicer locker rooms and a little bit of pampering. You no longer need to wear your shower shoes, because the facility is more spa like rather that nasty gym locker room.

What are you willing to spend on your workouts? If you are paying for a workout facility like this are you more inclined to go on a regular basis?

Read the full article from Mind Body Green HERE


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Walking for an Active Lifestyle

Simple walking can improve our overall health. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the number one killer in America. Research shows that walking as little as 30 minutes a day can reduce our risk by 40 percent. Sounds like a good reason to start taking some extra steps to me. MindBodyGreen posts a fun article on why you should walk as well as how to get the most out of your walk. Many have heard that Americans are some of the most lazy in the world and we are known for our fast food and lack of get up and go. Unfortunately that sedentary lifestyle attributes to 300,000 deaths each year in the United States alone. GASP! So what can take us from the lack of motivation to enjoying some more sunshine and taking a walk? Simply doing it! Behavior is first changed in your mind then with action there after. Make a choice daily to get up and take that walk and see how you feel each day. An article habit creation charts anywhere from 18-254 days to from a new habit. On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic. Looking at that my plan of snapping my fingers andwalking having my daily workout become something I enjoy and do automatically hasn’t happened yet. It looks like I’m on the later end of the habit forming average. With this knowledge will you start walking for thirty minutes a day and take note of how long it takes you to form the habit? Read James Clears post on habits HERE

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Wellness Wednesday: Quinoa!

QuinoaPronounced keen-waa or if you are like me Quin-O-A when I first saw the word at a restaurant. This little grain comes from South America and is packed with protein. The texture is a cross between a bean and rice and has been called a “Superfood”, which is really just a marketing term to describe foods that have a punch of nutritional value. After cooking these amazing little seeds of nutrition they can be served in multiple differentQuinoa plant ways and I’ll share a recipe with you on Saturday. Consider implementing Quinoa into your diet a few times a week as it’s loaded with B vitamins. and rich in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. Authority Nutrition has a great list of 11 Health Benefits of Quinoa. Read their full article HERE This grain has become increasingly popular here in the United States and due to the nutritional value it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon. So why haven’t we heard of Quinoa much until five years ago? It is still cultivated by hand and is one of the main staples consumed by the locals in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, and Columbia. As popularity for this grain has grown the demand on the farmers has increased and with any crop, production depends on climate conditions. So while the climate is right make sure to try this “superfood”, after all the Incas considered the crop to be the “mother of all grains”. Who wouldn’t want to try it with those accolades?

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