Happier Employees

Take Care of the Employees Who Take Care of Your Business. Provide Affordable Health Insurance Benefits For Your Small Business That Give Them Freedom of Choice!

happier employees

Quality health benefits are key to recruiting – and retaining – star employees. Here’s how working with Design Health will keep your employees happy with their job and their health plan.

Get Happier Employees!

Lower Costs

On average, individual health insurance costs 20-40% less than traditional group health insurance. And because employees are buying on the individual market, they may get “discounts” (premium tax credits/subsidies) if eligible. Our Design Health Concierge Team will work with your employees to determine if they qualify. When you factor in your tax-free defined contribution, some employees could have their premium totally covered!

Personalized Coverage & Freedom of Choice

Instead of being grouped together under one company plan, employees get to choose the coverage that best fits their unique health and budget needs. This includes their doctors, premiums and deductibles. Our Design Health Concierge Team will help them find and buy the right plan.

For example, if a young employee is relatively healthy and on a tight budget, a plan with a lower premium and higher deductible may be the right choice. On the other hand, for older employees or employees with more healthcare needs, a plan with a higher premium and lower deductible may be the better plan.

Permanent & Portable Plans

Employer group policies can only be held by a company’s employees. If employees are laid off or have to leave the company, they and their families lose coverage. (Unless they go with COBRA, which is unaffordable for many.) Individual health policies are permanent and portable— completely independent of employment. Employees won’t have to worry about losing their health insurance if they get too sick to go to work and lose their job.

Easy Access & Help With Health Insurance Questions

Employees can easily access their healthcare benefit account. They use the same software to request reimbursement for their premiums (it only takes about five minutes!) Employees can also contact our expert Design Health Concierge Team with questions about their policies, and receive help much more quickly and easily than going through the big carriers.

Are you an employer who wants to recruit and retain the best employees? We’ll get you started offering affordable, quality health benefits that give employees freedom of choice.
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