Cost Control

Take Control of Your Small Business Health Insurance Costs With Design Health

cost control

From mandatory minimum contributions to skyrocketing premiums, business healthcare costs are spiraling out of control. As an employer or small business owner, you probably feel “held hostage” each year when the renewal comes in for your company’s group health insurance plan…. and the costs have gone up… AGAIN.

There IS a way to break free, while still providing quality health benefits to your valued employees. Here’s how a defined contribution plan with Design Health will help you do it.

Save on My Employee Healthcare Costs!

Defined Contributions

You fix your costs by setting a monthly healthcare allowance for your employees, called a “defined contribution.” Employees buy and pay for their own individual insurance plans, and you reimburse them up to the monthly allowance amount.

There are no mandatory contribution minimums like company group plans. Even better, there are no surprises.

Being able to set, control and predict all health benefits costs is revolutionary for many businesses.

Custom Implementation

You won’t be on your own when setting your contribution amount. Our Design Health Concierge Team will work with you to determine the best amount for your budget and employee recruiting/retention needs.

Employee Classifications

You can set different employee allowances based on job criteria and family status. For example, you can provide a higher allowance for employees who have families to cover. We’ll help you set it up!

Tax Savings

Your healthcare reimbursements to employees are tax deductible as a business expense and tax free to the employees!

Are you an employer who’s sick of being “held hostage” by healthcare costs? Break free and take control of your budget with Design Health! Contact Us at 1-888-906-4288 today.